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We have been providing photography and video services for Las Vegas weddings for more than 9 years now! Whether you’re getting married at a chapel on the strip or a golf course country club we’re ready and able to exceed your expectations. Our friendly photography, cinema and photo booth staff are experienced, creative and dedicated artists who truly love what they do and are passionate about their crafts.

Please check out our wedding services we offer and if you have any questions please feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call on the phone. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Imagine Studios

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“When the wedding ceremony is over and the cake is eaten all you have left are memories!”

“and……photos and video!”

Imagine Studios: Las Vegas weddings that rock!

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • Experience

    We’ve been in business more than 9 years with our main photography focus on Las Vegas weddings.

  • Passion

    We LOVE what we do! It’s the best profession in the world!!

  • Know How

    We’ve got the technical “know how” that makes the difference. We’ve been using cto gels on our strobes and shooting off camera flash since before it was cool!

  • Creativity

    We are creative professionals with true artistic abilities. We’re always looking for new angles, textures and lighting to make your pictures perfect.

  • Too Legit to Quit

    Imagine Studios LLC is fully licensed and insured. We are the REAL DEAL!

  • Award Winning

    We don’t like to brag… but our work has been featured in magazines and on covers. Not to mention we’ve got some awards under our belts too.

Wedding Tips to Click!

Tip 1

WEDDING MAKEUP TIP: To look your best in photos, choose a makeup artist with specific experience doing makeup for on-camera work. Those who have experience only with event or special occasion makeup often apply makeup that looks great in real life, but overdone and harsh on camera. The best makeup artists have experience with both and know how to balance real life with on-camera looks. If possible, ask to see wedding photos of other brides he/she’s worked with to see if his/her makeup looks good on camera as well as in real life.

Tip 2

HOW TO HOLD YOUR BOUQUET: Almost every bride tends to hold her bouquet up too high, which looks awkward and hides her dress! For the most flattering pose and to showcase your wedding dress, hold your bouquet at about belly level, both for photographs and during your trip up (and down) the aisle.

Tip 3

BOUQUET TIP: Make sure you can comfortably hold your bouquet. Large bouquets can look gorgeous, but many brides are surprised on the wedding day when the base is so thick they can’t comfortably carry it. As a result, it can look awkward in photos — and make your fingers cramp up, too!

Tip 4

SHOW THE LOVE: Engagement & wedding photos are all about showing the love between you and your beloved, so the more you can focus on each other during your photo shoot, the more romantic the images will be. Don’t be shy about kissing, hugging, touching, holding hands, or even just looking at each other.

Tip 5

PHOTO PRESSURE: Give yourself more time to get photographed so you are not under pressure. Remember, you hired people to do the work so let them do it; sit back and relax, it is your day.

Las Vegas weddings range from super quick to all day affairs, but you will always want a good amount of time to get the photos that will last the rest of your lives.

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